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FREE MONEY - Goverment Grants/Programs that people rarely know about
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Here are a few people we helped that used our service!!!  You can easily do it too....

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Researching information can be TIME CONSUMING, so why not hire a trained professional to do it for you?
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Our agents and consultants are there for the programs to make sure these awarded grant monies are exhausted for better and more goverment funding for the next physical year.

We hope to help individuals financially and economically with there searches by using us as a knowledgeable time management tool. We look forward to working with you.

Auction Home bought with goverment grants

We wanted to buy a home, at the time our financial situation wasn't the best.  We decided to buy an auction list to see what was available in our area.  No one would finance use so we bought a home ownership grant listing and received money to buy this 4 bedroom 2.5 bath w/ pool that was auctioned at $25,000.  Now we are in this beautiful home......thanks FGCA you are a blessing.....we also found out the homes in this area are selling for $168,000.
- R. Stanley, Houston Texas

Grant to remodel home

Pesticides was found in my home.  I couldn't afford the repairs or to move.... my daughter told me about this site and that I may qualify for a grant.  FGCA sent me a grant listing, I sent out my request for assistance and now my home is being totally remodeled......FREE BY THE GOVERMENT!
- Bill, Blythewood SC

I am a home dayare provider looking to expand. I was loosing money fast by the clients I turned away due to space limitations.  FGCA sent me a listing with different grants to help me purchase a $1 MILLION DOLLAR building!  I have enough space to run my daycare, rent out a section of the building for additional income AND now I am starting a second business in the building as well.  Thanks sooo much FGCA, I could not have done it without you.
- Rosa Lynn, New Jersey

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That's what we are here for.

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